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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Cian28 I am a sailor myself, and love the experience of sailing monohulls 3 months ago
Conradtheapple Because I like sailing but due to the virus I can't do that 3 months ago
theorganguy Can't afford a boat. Can't swim. Get motionsick in VR anyways, so works out perfect! 3 months ago
Gryffyn Never sailed before 3 months ago
Simon I like sailing and I like vr 3 months ago
Laffinman Used to have a sailboat like sailing virtual weather is much easier to deal with 3 months ago
DerrekSm Got new PC want to try VR games and sailing seems pretty epic dude 3 months ago
BHG love sailing...would like to be able to simulate at home 3 months ago
Woosta I'm interested to see how a very physical, dynamic sport can be replicated in virtual reality. 3 months ago
Your pilot Simulator, interress how it work 3 months ago
Emerald Winds Dont like the water enough to do sailing for real so this is a nice alternative! 4 months ago
DaDolphinPlayz its cheaper then buying a boat 4 months ago
Ileeze I want to learn some basics before learning on the sea. And also relax at home with my VR set 4 months ago
SaltysailorC420 I sailed Club 420 for 6 years and this is the cheapest option to continue sailing 4 months ago
Busta_Monster I found it on Sidequest, the graphics look very fresh and colorful I liked it at first sight! I love the Sea! 4 months ago
Cdawg Great platform to try out. Put on some nautical miles inland. 4 months ago
Mate mal37 Sailing 4 months ago
DrMikeReddy Safety 4 months ago
Baiban The freedom and calm of sailing. Saw Marine Verse and was interested by the training aspect. Me and my partner are still learning and wanted a safe way to under stand the technical side of controlling a vessel. 4 months ago
Mika Love the sea and marine culture, still learning how do sail but always loved to play. Therefore, turned my research now on games and gamification and also incorporating virtual reality. Sailing and virtual reality is then something unique for me as one of the best experiences to be part of! 4 months ago

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