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"VR Regatta is an exciting new development for the sport of sailing. We have utilised this technology as part of our Discover Sailing offerings at a number of events including the Australian Grand Prix, The Volvo stopover and Club opening and Discover Sailing Days. It has proven to be a successful platform to introduce new people to the sport of sailing in conjunction with real life on water experiences"

    Gavin Wall, Regional Manager, Australian Sailing

“I’m so pleased that when I was asked to organise a VR stand at the London Boat Show, I stumbled across MarineVerse and their VR Regatta app. Working with the guys at MarineVerse has been a dream, they make it so easy to set up and run that the stand was a roaring success, with over 200 participants and many more showing interest on how it could be used at their training school, or club, or even as an interactive exhibit at a museum….”

     Tim Chalklen, Director at Unified Digital Solutions Ltd