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Petty Officer Ironbostik I am Italian, born near Naples, where maritime tradition is huge. I took sailing lessons when I was young, and worked as officer on cargo and cruise vessels. Unfortunately my career brought me to Switzerland where there is no sea, so virtual sailing is a good opportunity to relive my passions! 11 months ago
Able Seaman Zigs I love to sail naked 11 months ago
kyle I'd love to help the sailing community grow, embrace new technology, and have something fun to do during dry season. 11 months ago
Petty Officer SlimCash Sailing is very relaxing and VR is the latest, greatest in simulation 12 months ago
Petty Officer ricksmoondance As a keen sailor without a boat the ability to sail from my study is really good. Especially the chance to race online against others 12 months ago
Able Seaman krueger.freddy My sonst David wants to sail. about 1 year ago
Mike I. Have been sailing since I was a sea scout, then through a naval career and on into civilian life. Getting on a bit now not so nimble. So V R sailing is appealing. about 1 year ago
Ordinary Seaman Stefan I love the ocean. about 1 year ago
Petty Officer Pete Sailed as a kid with my father. I am now approaching retirement, and a trailer sailer based in gippsland is still a bucket list item. Thought I would refresh my thoughts and memories. Have a rift, easy way to sort out my very rusty skills. Makes cause and effect back in your mind. about 1 year ago
Petty Officer Cerumno In IRL I am "Equipier de pond" (Not Skipper) I love the Software; The Glénans: virtual navigation And I look for an equivalent in VR, your simulation suits me on this point. about 1 year ago
Rufus Training and practice about 1 year ago
fab the first about 1 year ago
inglanger active sailer in Laser about 1 year ago
SimonD I love Sailing but dont live too close to the sea so will be able to do anywahere about 1 year ago
rfeineis I am into both VR and sailing, so this is very interesting. about 1 year ago
pontel i love sailing about 1 year ago
madhattermike42 loved sailing when I was a kid with my dad. he sold his boat, but I still have a love for sailing and don't have the money to buy one of my own about 1 year ago
Johnb Tech and sailing....what’s not to like? about 1 year ago
csainsbury practicing racing techniques about 1 year ago
Arek I don't remember why I'm interested in sailing any more, I'm just a sailor. ;-) I got interested in 360 video few months ago, and VR. about 1 year ago

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