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Kauphman Software engineer with focus in 3D graphics, continuing to enjoy 3D technology advancements with VR. Sailing has been of casual interest most of my life. Now getting further into it with a few years of small boat sailing (sloop) and RC sailing/racing. 7 months ago
UKrob I sailed when I was a kid with my school and enjoyed it. To be able to rekindle this memory by sailing in VR is a great feeling. 7 months ago
Garthuk I used to sail dinghy's at my local sailing club, I was also a keen Windsurfer for many years. I then I got married, bought a dog and had a child and it all stopped. VR gives me the the chance to experience it all again without leaving my house. 7 months ago
SpencerA previous experience 7 months ago
virtueron Tried VR Sailing 7 months ago
Kaliforniz Well I live on a lake here in Greenhaven. I love sailing. 7 months ago
Tim sullivan My neighbor who has a VR headset brought them over for me to try out. I’ve been sailing for over 48 years mostly in the SF bay. Saturday I fell down a very wet companionway and broke my left ankle so now I have 12 weeks on my hands to heal and use your app while doing so. 7 months ago
Able Seaman claybrain Interested in VR as a techie and gamer. Interested in sailing as I used to live in Auckland 7 months ago
Mate Mygo73 I want to learn to sail (bucket list) but can’t afford lessons and I am a VR nerd :) 7 months ago
Caboking ITS FUN 7 months ago
Captain Jack It is a combination of my two favorite things VR and sailing? 7 months ago
Twen McSwen Could be usefull to know how to sail, I use VR mostly for racing and flight sims mostly 7 months ago
OriginalLordDrow I am interested in sailing in general and hope to one day own a 45 foot sail boat so me and my wife can cruise the gulf and Caribbean. I am interested in VR simply because it is finally reaching it's potential and will just get better as time goes by. 7 months ago
soliver to train and spend time with sailing , espacaly in winter time, when real sailing is limited in Europe 7 months ago
Swardsman I have been sailing since my teens off and on, but am unable to get the time for real life sailing anymore. VR sailing seems a good substitute ans is certainly more affordable than a real boat, and no trouble to set up and put away. 7 months ago
Kz vr 7 months ago
lighthouse25 i want to sail in RL 7 months ago
VRQUEST01 I love VR and Sailing 8 months ago
GamerCoke I got a Valve Index, and they allow high resolution gameplay in VR, and I've always loved the sea, so therefore I'd love to get to see the sea more often, even though I don't have a boat. 8 months ago
UberBen Ahoy! 8 months ago

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