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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
CapnMike Using VR to gauge my interest in the real thing. Interest engaged. 4 months ago
Ordinary Seaman Ceiling I like sailing irl 4 months ago
dukeja It has always been my dream to lean how to sail but never made it due to the limited time and resources. VR sail may make my dream come true now. 4 months ago
Able Seaman Kaza I want to be able to do it for real one day, for recreational purposes. I'm a huge advocate for virtual reality in general, and have a love for the ocean that was never in relation to boating. The goal is to change that, and learn how the wind and waves ebb and flow, and how I can utilize those forces to further my own human experience and aptitude. 4 months ago
hargisss Virtual reality has introduced me to so many new real-life things. Ping pong, sculpting, adventures in socialization.... I have zero experience with sailing, and this is why I'm interested: I can try it and I don't need an actual boat! Boats are expensive. 4 months ago
Andy.sav I’ve sailed and been around the industry since I was born. 4 months ago
Martin to have fun sailing... 4 months ago
Skipper Barker432 Have an interest in learning how to sail and stumbled across during a vr gameplay search. 4 months ago
jackjuca racam i don't have a sailboat anymore 5 months ago
LABAULE Sailing Home 5 months ago
Al I sail in real life 5 months ago
azgrog am a sailing enthusiast , have a boat in San Diego, also have a lifelong interest in simulations and this VR program just about gives you the real feeling of being out there. Will also add that can be used to sail/race during this Covid time where things including Harbors are shut down 5 months ago
Petty Officer Jayce Pretty great, i am new to sailing world, I am from ultralight light flight and general aviation, I wanted to discover sail, through VR it already amazing, so now I want learn real sail. 5 months ago
Thiago I want to learn sailing. 5 months ago
Savagesail38 I have a sail boat 5 months ago
Cdbeckwith Seems like a great evolution in yacht racing gaming 5 months ago
Dustin I love sailing! 5 months ago
Grunter67 I sail rc yachts and enjoy sim racing online, vr inshore and offshore. 5 months ago
Bravo181 Sailor of a '98 MacGregor 26X and a '79 Moody 36. 5 months ago
Mats nothingelse to do 5 months ago

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