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Pino Experience 5 days ago
Able Seaman Adam I live too far from any water to give it a real shot. 9 days ago
Able Seaman Mike Hoare I'm too old to sail for real now. . Sailed and raced Wayfarer, Laser and Solo mainly on inland water. Also enjoyed wind surfing. Sailing in VR is immersive and fun and brings back good memories. Really like not having to pack the boat up at the end of the day! 16 days ago
Able Seaman Chronissimo I enjoy the experience of sailing on the wind. Virtual Reality is a great way to experience this and learn about it without having to own your own boat. 18 days ago
Harry Owner of a Rhodes 22 18 days ago
mr Q THe tought of being able to practise in VR is really cool for me 19 days ago
Able Seaman Davehaslanded The technical aspects of sailing. Perfecting techniques. 21 days ago
Anamazing I love my little sailboat but I don't love how infrequently I'm able to take it out. My VR rig however, is always ready for a trip. 22 days ago
JMorley-Jones I use to sail and now find it difficult to make time plus need to buy boat. 22 days ago
Skipper Doctorwho Improve my skills even on rainy days 23 days ago
SpiritFire When i was down in mexico i sailed a smaller single person cat and it was awesome. I live in the desert of arizona now. VR is pretty much the only way i see any water now. I love vr products in general. Honestly not into the racing so much just as the experience of sailing itself. 23 days ago
Plavin I really like the open world aspect of it as well as navigation, I am interested in learning about sailing as well. 30 days ago
Ordinary Seaman AwePooh Experience like real. about 1 month ago
Professor I want to buy a big sailboat, but don't want to come into it as a complete newbie. And I'm too antisocial to join a class! :-P about 1 month ago
Captainmadeinmade My famelie sails alreudy for really long but now a fay we sail whit boats that dont have sails but motors but i really want to just sail and relax and just like my father and grandfather become a sailer they used to sail races and stuff like that and i want to do that to whit help of vr. about 1 month ago
Jeff Fitzsimmons I love sailing and I'm a VR producer. Two great things that go great together! about 2 months ago
JohnTobii Novice sailing experience and expert in virtual reality. I'd love to see how one can help improve the other. about 2 months ago
ianmarion I sailed for many years, unfortunately due to injury, I am not stable on my feet. Hope I can use MarineVerse to amuse myself about 2 months ago
Merlin I sail about 2 months ago
Petra Skachova I´d love to try sailing in VR, I already tried but there is just one app now available in the Oculus Go store. I would appreciate to interchange the environment, which as I saw from your screenshots is possible here. Also, I liked the graphics quality. I adore sailing and it makes me feel free and allows me to clean my mind. 2 months ago

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