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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Freddy It looks like a really fun game, quite enjoying it actually. 5 months ago
Lousynixon I’ve sailed before 5 months ago
Mate Nelson Been sailing for 50 years and land locked and it's also winter here in Ohio. 5 months ago
Sarxis Seemed fun. 5 months ago
vinea Verry good 5 months ago
Jcc I m a boat 5 months ago
graydo like sailing but live in central London 6 months ago
Able Seaman luigi1998 as for sailing, just the sailing community in general is really amazing. VR is just a way i can do some sailing whilst i am living away from any sailable areas. 6 months ago
Hal I love sailing and would like to sail while at home as well :) 6 months ago
Brian i Lived on a sailboat for 7 years 6 months ago
Sail full of Wind I have saild and I loved it very much 6 months ago
Able Seaman jonde99 long history of sailing 6 months ago
Craig I grew up in San Diego and this makes me miss the boating culture there! And being a techie person, I've always been into Virtual Reality since the days of beta testing the Virtuality system back in the early 1990s. 6 months ago
Horforia It looks like fun 7 months ago
Lyonbyte I’d like to use it with my quest 7 months ago
HeroChaoChan I like VR but I don't have money. 7 months ago
IAmPronto I love sailing in real life but I do not have a sailboat But I have a VR headset 7 months ago
Captain Ron Just bought a 55' custom made steel ketch cutter, 37 tons I know the basics of sailing and want to refresh my knowledge. 7 months ago
Aaron I love the ocean, and I also love Vr. 7 months ago
PuddlePaddle Boats are perty. I like trains. Trains don't go in water. 7 months ago

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