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JoeyNuggz I've always loved sailing. It's just a different connection with the boat and the water. The roar of the wind when you catch a good gust and the excitement of being on the water fills my soul. Having this opportunity in VR is wonderful. I haven't done enough to learn to sail in the real world, but this has helped reignite my drive to do so. Thanks you! 3 months ago
CaptKJ It's fun! 3 months ago
Mylesahead I love sailing and I’ll take any chance to do more of it 3 months ago
Capn' Duck Real life sailing experience 3 months ago
Skipper Princess Fuzzy Saw an ad for a VR sailing contest with real money prizes, thought that was worth checking out at least. 3 months ago
Brandonhell The experience you get and the joy of the thrill. 3 months ago
Thekranz because it makes me relaxed 4 months ago
toolmantim28 I love the water and being land locked VR is a great way to begin to learn and experience the basics. 4 months ago
AttilaVarga2020 Mert sajnos láb problémám miatt nem tudok hódolni a hobbimnak. Így vírtuálisan teszem. Because unfortunately I can’t worship my hobby because of a foot problem. I do it virtually. 4 months ago
Kristiaan de jonge Tabitha 4 months ago
Supreme_Pizza I'm a sailor in real life, but sadly I can't spend more time on a boat, so sailing from home seems like a good option 4 months ago
nick its cool 4 months ago
Kilteddragon Became interested in sailing while in the Navy. I think it's the feeling of being in charge of your life, not at the beck and call of someone else. I like the idea of sail over motor because of the savings (fuel), the clean smell, and sound of the wind and water. For VR, I've been into computers since my TRS-80 back in the 70's. 4 months ago
zonefour The weather in Wisconsin only allows for five good months of sailing. 4 months ago
K1DBOT I'm exploring all of the games that will be present in our VR Fitness Summit! 4 months ago
Drew NYC I love to sail. With VR, I can do it even when there’s no wind! Plus, how often does one get to skipper TP52s in Sydney? 4 months ago
N7184E mike 4 months ago
redfive410 A good skill to have and now we can practice everyday! 4 months ago
TheTempest I used to sail a great deal then life became more complicated... Now I can sail on short notice and don't have to worry about hosing the boat off, storing the sails, rebanding the spinnaker or remembering to set up the trickle charger..... Fantastic! 4 months ago
xdlez Sailing is a lot of fun and to do it at home is even cooler. 4 months ago

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