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MarineVerse members

A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
crispy71 are you kidding? #stayathome !! ;-) 1 day ago
Conal Saw it on side quest and it looked like fun. 2 days ago
Atone81 I build sailboats 2 days ago
moa35160 Retrouver la voile....quel bonheur 2 days ago
Azzurro I like sailing 2 days ago
Smithm I miss sailing 3 days ago
Maxum Just got oculus quest 2 and looks like fun 3 days ago
Satori The PYC Satori Foundation: The purpose of The PYC Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage and promote the sport of sailing and yachting and a broad range of maritime activities. The foundation is established to develop educational and training programs for the sports of sailing and yachting, for seamanship and for marine education. 8 days ago
Raidriar01 I go sailing 8 days ago
Phatcat Always wanted to learn to sail. Have owned powerboats my entire life 8 days ago
RussianBlueCat I love sailing 8 days ago
pollux learning 8 days ago
heinstedt Gonna sail around the world.. need to practice :) 9 days ago
andy christ i love sailing - it’s just the best very new to VR though - still working it out 9 days ago
WCreefers Have always loved sailing and technology. What a great way to bring the water and wind to me when away from the ocean. 10 days ago
A-Frame Sailed four years as crew with the Wayzata Yacht Club, loved it. Stuck inside but want to keep sailing. 10 days ago
Cluffy Love boats and the sea 13 days ago
TJCypress peaceful energy 15 days ago
Taches I like Vr games. 15 days ago
Able Seaman Von Spooky Relaxation, exploration, and eventually to learn the basics of "real world" sailing. What *doesn't* interest me is racing. Timed events and multiplayer are not big draws for me. Escapism, immersion and experience are. 17 days ago

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