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I grew up sailing
1 day ago
I want to learn how to sail with a friend of mine, so we both purchased your sim and are hoping to sail together.
1 day ago
Capt Crash
working up to sailing a real boat
1 day ago
Blue Cat
Fascinated by sailing and to be able to experience it in VR is amazing
2 days ago
Multiplayer, sailing with friends on a yacht. It's a way of hanging out when we are distant from each other.
2 days ago
Total lockdown)) I miss sailing so much
2 days ago
I am a RYA Powerboat Instructor, and I think this is a really good idea. And I think this is the future for training students in becoming qualified in the boating industry.
5 days ago
About to buy a boat and this looks like a great way to practice sailing!
5 days ago
I like sailing but I can't go every day, and I like vr so it's a win win situation.
5 days ago
I've been sailing a small dinghy for several decades. Winter in Wisconsin isn't great for sailing except ice boats.
7 days ago
I went sailing once, loved it
7 days ago
Looking for a way to sail on rainy days
7 days ago
Jouer avec le quest
8 days ago
I live on the coast, but not been sailing for a few years. I saw Marineverse online. Having gone through the tutorials today I am impressed.
13 days ago
Practicing my skills while not on the water
15 days ago
Hugh Scotland
I don't have a boat in real life. Couldn't afford one right now anyway. This lets me try sailing, and learn the basics before going near a real boat.
17 days ago
Have sailed some small boats a few dozen times
18 days ago
Want to learn to sail
19 days ago
I've been having fun and working out in VR recently. I especially like multiplayer activities where I can join my brothers and my son.
20 days ago
Landlocked for now.
21 days ago

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