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Airdoo Co-worker has raced professionally. Able to get their feedback about 3 hours ago
Sparrow I have a sailboat of my own. It's nice to practice when I can't be on the water. 2 days ago
Echo007 Love the fact that you can experience so many different adventures without ever leaving your home. I’ve always wanted to sail and now, through the magic of virtual reality and YOU, I can! 4 days ago
Sensasian Always wanted to sail!! 5 days ago
Doc-Revelator Call me Ishmael. 5 days ago
Magic11 To have experiences that you can not have on a tradition console. 8 days ago
AlphaTech83 In 2004 I was stationed in Pensacola, FL. What made this so great is that I had family there and one of my uncles had two small catamaran sailboats (minicats) and taught me how to sail on the inner coastal waters of the Gulf. I loved every minute of it when I was able to get out there and sail. Now, living in Oklahoma, there aren't too many places where I can, nor do I have the time with two young children & one being special needs, to where I can just get out and go sailing. The realistic features that VR gives in my own home, gives me a chance to set sail and be able to relax without even having to leave the house. And to have a group to be able to share the same similar interests is just awesome! 11 days ago
Yonbear I have a radio control yacht and I thought this might help with my sailing abilities. 13 days ago
Albatros 71 I like to sail!! 13 days ago
KushoGade Relaxation, meditation, and social interaction in a beautiful environment. 14 days ago
Mate balir31 Sailed one time with laser and loved it 15 days ago
prbanker The PC games related to sailing! about 1 month ago
Wrongway I have an interest in aircraft and sailing, probably the navigation aspect fascinates me. about 2 months ago
Pino Experience 2 months ago
Able Seaman Adam I live too far from any water to give it a real shot. 2 months ago
Petty Officer Mike36 I'm too old to sail for real now. . Sailed and raced Wayfarer, Laser and Solo mainly on inland water. Also enjoyed wind surfing. Sailing in VR is immersive and fun and brings back good memories. Really like not having to pack the boat up at the end of the day! 2 months ago
Ordinary Seaman Saltflatsam My job is VR! If I could I’d give it all up and head for the blue waters 2 months ago
Able Seaman Chronissimo I enjoy the experience of sailing on the wind. Virtual Reality is a great way to experience this and learn about it without having to own your own boat. 2 months ago
Harry Owner of a Rhodes 22 2 months ago
mr Q THe tought of being able to practise in VR is really cool for me 3 months ago

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