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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Pascal Freedom of sailing at home with friends remotely 3 days ago
Chris Sailability I am interested in helping the game be accessible for people with disabilities 4 days ago
Wessel du Plooy Always wanted to learn sailing, but never got around to actually doing it 4 days ago
BruceBCampbell I think that sailing is very relaxing and fun. I also know that there will be a lot of learning to do on my part before I get the basics of sailing down. I watched some of the Tutorial. Please explain how do I translate what I have seen into the Simulation of VR Regatta - The Sailing Game. I do not have Virtual reality hardware so I will need to use a Mouse and Key Board to operate the controls. Does this disqualify me from participating? 5 days ago
smartharley Race dinghies for real 5 days ago
Markolus I love sailing and with the corona virus does not look like boat will get launched anytime soon 6 days ago
Mike sailor Fun 6 days ago
Floriel Not having a large body of water nearby but owning a VR headset 8 days ago
aleksandar Try 9 days ago
Skipper Lito I do work and produce experieces in XR and love sailing. I'm teacher in some business schools and I put your VR Regatta as an example of VR Training. But I had to reinstall everything in my computer, and I can not install VR regatta any more 9 days ago
Spuds Sailed inland lakes for many years. My last boat was a Catalina 22 which I sailed for 20 years. At 74, I am no longer able to work the boat safely so I donated it to charity. I miss sailing a great deal and discovering virtual sailing was a godsend. This is going to be awesome. 9 days ago
Kenno Bloody Covid Lockdown 13 days ago
Skipper TedBarnett I grew up racing Lasers and Snipes. 14 days ago
Able Seaman Cmarolia My dad loves sailing and I thought I would try it out. 15 days ago
Yaston cool 17 days ago
Kris_Dorey love VR and love sailing 18 days ago
Mate DinkLv To practice sailing during the epidemic 21 days ago
O'B-1 Ive always been interested in sailing. From windsurfing and sunfish through Hobie cays and my old Hunter 25. The Vr aspect is great fun and a way to pass the cold winyer off season 22 days ago
makerchad I'm fairly new to sailing. I have dreams of buying a boat and cruising. I thought this would be a great place to start. It sounds like there is a great community here! I do IT, programming, curriculum writing, as well as digital and physical design by trade. I suppose that's why I love virtual reality! 23 days ago
Jean Veego Because every day is an adventure! 23 days ago

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