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I love sailing and want to learn more skills. I think a VR environment would be perfect to learn.
about 2 hours ago
Christian Idaho U.S.
Sailing my whole life great fun
about 17 hours ago
I'm interested in learning to sail IRL when my life circumstances change. Stories of Joshua Slocum and his peers interest me deeply.
5 days ago
Sailing is awesome, and I can’t get to my boat right now due to travel restrictions…
6 days ago
I live in an area where sailing on a regular basis isn’t feasible, so VR provides a welcome outlet. Also I would like for my children to learn the basics and techniques for sailing in a safe controlle
7 days ago
Been a hobby since a child
9 days ago
Practice for real sailing
10 days ago
Hobby and latter occupation.
11 days ago
I want to sail.
13 days ago
I want to learn how to foil, the America Cup is incredible and has got me in to the world of fast sailing.
15 days ago
free code
15 days ago
16 days ago
I like boats and racing
16 days ago
The first time I sailed in boy scouts at Sea Base and fell in love with the ocean. As of late being in a land locked state that freezes in the winter, VR provided the perfect way to still get a bit of
18 days ago
I want to pick up my sailing skills again.
20 days ago
I am interested in sailing.
23 days ago
I’ve always been interested in sailing; I love the water and the peacefulness of sailing, but due to medical reasons, I can’t participate in person. VR gives me access to things I would otherwise be u
23 days ago
I love sailing!
25 days ago
I want to see what I can learn from it before I start my real adventure
26 days ago
Old Desert Lizard
At 67, I still miss sailing from my younger days, both in the James River/Hampton Roads area, and along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
28 days ago

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