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Aikidomike79 Like to sail in real life. Vr is an economic way to practice about 19 hours ago
Big_Binkie I have sailed regattas in the past. I founded a venture fund to invest in VR opportunities. We have a summer residence in West Michigan on the lakeshore and also own a local TV station there that is experimenting with VR production and VR content. I would like to promote sailing to potential West Michigan enthusiasts who may otherwise not have the pleasure of the experience. 4 days ago
Joel As a US Sailing Instructor VR helps in the winter months, and provides a low cost way to introduce the sport. 8 days ago
Katsai Simulators as a Virtual Reality hobby coupled with the relisation I can get back to the fun I had in my younger days Being in my 70's and afflicted with cancer I did not expect to have such a realistic experience as MarineVerse has given me 9 days ago
formosa 51 keep up my chops 9 days ago
SGil_14 Professional interest, personal curiosity. 9 days ago
KarlZ I have been sailing since I was 5. I raced Lasers, which are very close to the single sail boat on the program. VR is very cool, never thought sailing would be something cool in a computer, but it is!!! 9 days ago
chipperdee My dad taught me how to sail, and I enjoy virtual sailing in Second Life and on Oculus Rift 9 days ago
Francois Love sailing. Cannot get on the boat in winter. 9 days ago
RC Hopefully can improve real world skills by using simulator 9 days ago
hasko7 VR makes the world more accessible to everyone. Honestly sailing does too, I suppose. :) 9 days ago
Luki My father had a very nice selfmade sailboat of 12 meters in length. 9 days ago
Grizz I've always liked pirate games like Sea of Thieves where wind direction has to be taken into your plans. When I saw VR Regatta and the Japanese Island bundle on Steam I thought I'd give it a try. 23 days ago
Petty Officer camo I was interested in the mechanism of the yacht going by the wind. 25 days ago
BeamReach ive always loved the water. Always loved sailing, weather a 10' single as a kid around the lake or 52' ft cat my wife and i took out for a few weeks for my 40th.... it just feels right... and as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness take up too much of the day... between kids family businesses honey-do lists prevent me from getting out there ... its good to just have a taste, even if simulated... for a little while. 26 days ago
sebontheweb I've been interested in both for a long time, it's great to be able to combine the two about 1 month ago
Petty Officer Borenberg It's fun! about 1 month ago
Rebufo I grew up on a sailboat. Love Pc and Simulations trough VR about 1 month ago
Mesopelagic I love to sail in VR. I am just getting the hang on it but I definetly love it allready about 1 month ago
RocketGnome I used to sail everyday, but now am land locked. This combines two of my favorite things, VR and Sailing. about 1 month ago

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