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Stef It's fun! 3 days ago
Rebufo I grew up on a sailboat. Love Pc and Simulations trough VR 7 days ago
Mesopelagic I love to sail in VR. I am just getting the hang on it but I definetly love it allready 7 days ago
RocketGnome I used to sail everyday, but now am land locked. This combines two of my favorite things, VR and Sailing. 11 days ago
Ordinary Seaman MarcusMarino_1 ancient genetic desire 11 days ago
Chase0 My parents are successful boating vloggers and own a 65 foot Hatteras. Sailing with them to the Caribbean gave me the boating itch. I've had the Oculus Rift for a few years now and actively game on it, having been a life long avid video-gamer. 12 days ago
Paxoman Saw it come up on a facebook grp and i used to sail when i was young and have always been a gamer and love VR games 12 days ago
Tyetus it looks interesting 12 days ago
Aggel Am segeln gefällt mir, das frei sein, die Ruhe und Stille. VR ist halt ein neues Zeitalter für Computerspiele. mitten drin, statt nur davor. 17 days ago
Wilbis Online competition and multiplayer co-op sailing. VR because of immersion. 19 days ago
R3ido101 Because It Looks fun 19 days ago
Pegase33 I am interested by sailing. I have a boat (motor boat) but I prefer sailing. It's impossible for me to have a sailing ship because we must fait 30 years to have a place in the harbor where I'm living, si virtual reality is a good way for me for sailing 19 days ago
Jonk Boats are cool 21 days ago
giddyraccoon fun sport on the water and in VR 22 days ago
chili9000 I took a sailing class at university but no longer live by the ocean 23 days ago
Dkhofstra We are sailors in Michigan and occasionally the Caribbean and Florida. This is a great way to get through the winter months! 25 days ago
Petty Officer Faaborgs I have enjoyed the tranquillity of being on the water. I found, to my surprise, that I very much enjoyed playing the VR game Catch & Release, and was looking for more time on the 'water'. Your games were the perfect fit. 30 days ago
Huron48750 I grew up on Lake Huron. I have been on boats/ canoes/ kayaks all my life but very little sailing, but not for lack of desire. I tried the Big Breezy Boat app and instantly fell in love with it. I purchased the VR regatta app and working my way through that. It's very relaxing and addicting to. Living on Lake Huron sailing is not an option for much of the year. about 1 month ago
MarkV Both a technology marketing guy - and a marketing leader at Quantum Sails! about 1 month ago
Able Seaman Aaron Sawyer I grew up sailing, and now I own a virtual reality bar in Chicago! :) about 1 month ago

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