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Dean Never tried it about 17 hours ago
Bill H I got my headset a couple of weeks ago and I'm really enjoying all of the new experiences. There are no sailing apps that I'm aware of and I'd like to try one out. 9 days ago
king of Egypt i just like it 11 days ago
landen0929 idk 18 days ago
Catchy idk 20 days ago
Grid_Bass P 20 days ago
ahmed nice to do 21 days ago
Mate Ron Kramer I use to sail F18 and A-class (foiling/flying) and floating catamarans. Really interested in sailing since my teens and I'm now 62. I have had a VIVE since day one but I don't use it often due to weight, cord and it is located in my basement where I don't want to go. I just got a Quest and really like the lack of a cord and the way I can play it anywhere. Even sitting outside on the porch. 23 days ago
Sam Tried sailing in my Teens and loved it. Been a avid gamer for many years and VR has brough back the excitement of gaming. 25 days ago
Cybercypher I own a sailing boat and this give me more experience 25 days ago
Sailing FreeStyle The closest thing to the real deal. 29 days ago
SailingWalrus I sail in the summer and this is great for off-season about 1 month ago
Westinwind Practice about 1 month ago
DelaRubia Porque me gusta recibir experiencias diferentes que me inquietan en la vida. about 1 month ago
Scotty I sailed a lot in my youth, and now I can do it all again. about 1 month ago
Sailguy Something different to try about 2 months ago
Lady ailsa from the craig Live on the waters edge about 2 months ago
Montstur My brother is my motivation to sail. about 2 months ago
hela_roskilde I like sailing about 2 months ago
Dragon Hi, I’ve always been interested in sailing and VR. about 2 months ago

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