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DullBracelet365 I go to a sailing camp about 3 hours ago
Dithernet Educational 1 day ago
BadgerPDX Enjoyed sailing on a big lake in school, decades ago. Fun to get some of the experience again in my living room! 3 days ago
Saabi Want to understand sailing better. 4 days ago
alvarosaez316 No Man's Sky got me into VR 6 days ago
Hartstukke Took a sailing class this summer, but our lake has little to no wind, so now hoping to build on these skills through VR! 7 days ago
Wind driven fire Like sailing in my MacGregor thought this might be fun 11 days ago
SOOPERRHINO bruh 11 days ago
RManthey I have been looking for a good sailing simulator for years. Most just do not cut it. This one is the best I have ever seen and has the potential to be even better. 12 days ago
MajorKarma I think it is very relaxing and a great VR app 15 days ago
Rem Tremblay I'm a sailor in real life 17 days ago
Airpigg Just trying new things. 20 days ago
Able Seaman Giurgi Lis I am interested in simulators on VR, I played space sims a lot of times but never a boat simulator. It's so special feel the emotions of the race. When I was a kid my parents sent me to a summer camp with sailoring activities and this game transport me to those moments. 23 days ago
Screwloose I like easy going VR apps. Never sailed for real. Figured it'd be fun and educational. Got your Big Boat first and Reggata as soon as I noticed it. Great fun. (btw - Screwloose was a bad guy in the first Mad Max movie, along with Ironbar and others) 25 days ago
kuhnfelix18 i was actually just curious 25 days ago
Kitty trial for sail boat 25 days ago
Shadow Previous sailor and windsurfer, I now have an illness that prevents me from physical activity. 26 days ago
marv virtual reality was a dream for me since the early days but it was really expensive with the quest that changed . i went sailing with my family since 2012 we rent a like 36-42 foot boat for one week but 5 years ago some guy gave my father an old boat from 1964 we refurbished it and went sailing at a small lake near our home then in 2016 we had some problems with the boat so my father wrote to the guys that sail regatta with the conquer class soon after we got intersted into regatta sailing and we love it sailors are just awesome people and we get better every time from almost last place every time we had been 10/18 on out last regatta that we endet sucessfully and we got a new ship . 26 days ago
Riftkev I am a landlocked sailor, and see virtual reality sailing as being the closest i’m going to get to doing the real thing! 27 days ago
Able Seaman Apachesquirrel I do a bit of sailing with the local club. 28 days ago

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