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ahmed nice to do 5 months ago
Mate Ron Kramer I use to sail F18 and A-class (foiling/flying) and floating catamarans. Really interested in sailing since my teens and I'm now 62. I have had a VIVE since day one but I don't use it often due to weight, cord and it is located in my basement where I don't want to go. I just got a Quest and really like the lack of a cord and the way I can play it anywhere. Even sitting outside on the porch. 5 months ago
Sam Tried sailing in my Teens and loved it. Been a avid gamer for many years and VR has brough back the excitement of gaming. 5 months ago
Cybercypher I own a sailing boat and this give me more experience 5 months ago
Sailing FreeStyle The closest thing to the real deal. 6 months ago
SailingWalrus I sail in the summer and this is great for off-season 6 months ago
Westinwind Practice 6 months ago
DelaRubia Porque me gusta recibir experiencias diferentes que me inquietan en la vida. 6 months ago
Scotty I sailed a lot in my youth, and now I can do it all again. 6 months ago
Sailguy Something different to try 6 months ago
Lady ailsa from the craig Live on the waters edge 6 months ago
Montstur My brother is my motivation to sail. 6 months ago
hela_roskilde I like sailing 6 months ago
Dragon Hi, I’ve always been interested in sailing and VR. 6 months ago
Imagine_Tables im an IRL sailor and i also had a VR headset 7 months ago
Harimaoh I am real sailor. I want to sail in my room, too. 7 months ago
Geir V Have an 38 sailboat 7 months ago
Petty Officer Lucky Luke Be outside, do sports on the Water, hear the sound of splashing water on the bow and the wind in the sail. beeing able to sail all the time even at home. 7 months ago
Centuri Played during years with pc game virtual skipper but in 2 d, now enjoying a lot testing same game in 3 d 7 months ago
mark1070 i find sailing to be rewarding. VR is ok 7 months ago

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