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Tysen I taught Small Boat Sailing Merit badge back in Boy Scouts. I was on the Iowa State University Sailing Team, But never got to race in the regatta I went to (Iowa City) Because the winds were crazy. I'm Joining The Coast Guard, and love the water. 5 months ago
Aimeeamore I’m a pro sailor 5 months ago
Dewit love sailing. Getting into VR 5 months ago
RobbieSailor i love sailing 5 months ago
John Love to sail 6 months ago
JoshAnian Safety and ability to practice 6 months ago
Messiah76 love the sea and always wanted my own boat 6 months ago
Zebr I like sailing and VR. 6 months ago
NeilSherry Been a sailor for 35 years, and also instructor 6 months ago
Zap Covid-19 6 months ago
LoneRanger As a sailor and a pilot, i am interested in how VR can help me keep my skills up and my proficiency high 6 months ago
Chingaderro I own an Oculus quest and I'm under quarantine until further notice 6 months ago
Pascal Freedom of sailing at home with friends remotely 6 months ago
Chris Sailability I am interested in helping the game be accessible for people with disabilities 6 months ago
Wessel Always wanted to learn sailing, but never got around to actually doing it 6 months ago
BruceBCampbell I live in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, United States of America. I think that sailing is very relaxing and fun. I also know that there will be a lot of learning to do on my part before I get the basics of sailing down. I watched some of the Tutorial. Please explain how do I translate what I have seen into the Simulation of VR Regatta - The Sailing Game. 6 months ago
smartharley Race dinghies for real 6 months ago
Petty Officer Markolus I love sailing and with the corona virus does not look like boat will get launched anytime soon 6 months ago
Mike sailor Fun 6 months ago
Floriel Not having a large body of water nearby but owning a VR headset 6 months ago

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