Sail in virtual reality

Try sailing at home or in the club. Learn, explore and race with MarineVerse
using Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Sailing in virtual reality

The world's largest sailing club*

With just a VR headset, anyone can learn to sail, whether the wind is dead or blowing at 30 knots, no matter if they live on the coast or in a desert. Older or disabled sailors can still enjoy their hobby.

We democratize the sport and make people’s actual time on the water more valuable and enjoyable, by enabling them to practice at home.

* And in the Solar System. The first settlers to establish a Sailing Club on Mars, will use MarineVerse.

MarineVerse Cup is our flagship product

Learn how to sail and race in VR

Download: Meta Quest or Steam.

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Why Sailing in Virtual Reality?

Learn with VR Regatta


Learn cheaper, quicker and safer.

VR enables us to provide sailing training and education at your home. It's a fun, easy and engaging tool to reinforce what you are already learning on the water.

Relax with VR Regatta


Make good use of your VR kit and have some fun.

Never sailed before? Landlocked sailor? Sailing season is over? No sailing weather? Strap in your virtual reality headset and enjoy some relaxing sailing.

MarineVerse team is on the mission to Inspire, Train and Connect sailors.

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