VR for Sailing Clubs

Let's train together

Are you interested in using Virtual Reality as a training tool at your sailing club?

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How Virtual Reality(VR) sailing could benefit your club:

  • Great for beginners. Teach and learn the basic concepts before going on the water. (potentially from their homes) (with the help of MarineVerse, develop homework “assignments” and track student progress)

  • Mobile setup. Bring it to school, office or event and get kids and adults excited about sailing! (See example)

  • Landlocked sailing clubs. Using VR can make organising trips on the sea easier.
    • Prepare novice sailors for their first trip to improve the quality of their experience

  • In VR you are in control. Controlling the weather, wind direction and strength

  • A safe environment for novices or people with disabilities.

VR Regatta

Our flagship product is called VR Regatta

it's a virtual reality sailing simulation for HTC Vive.

We are constantly working on making it better and adding features and you can try the latest version on Steam.


Share passion for sailing with your audience.


People sailing in virtual reality

Set your club apart with VR!

Conquer fears, hone strategy, and have fun doing it!

Virtual reality can be a great differentiator for your club.

Our mission is to inspire, train and connect sailors and make sailing available to more people.

We would love to work with sailing clubs to develop a VR experiences that would be beneficial for the members.

But we can’t do it alone. Let’s do it together.

Interested in learning more?

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Need advice on what virtual reality hardware to buy?