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Marcterrassa I love the sea, sailing and whater sports, virtual reality is an opcion to sail every day with the best conditions 23 days ago
SkywalkerRed5 Want to learn 25 days ago
Kegnation I was interested in it before the quarantine to see how developers were going to implement certain features and see how far they could take the virtual world and make it real. Now that we are isolated and there is no more sailing for a little while I need to stay on top of my training and since I got an oculus quest a couple months ago I wanted to see what I could find! 25 days ago
EdictGuy To Learn 25 days ago
ToTalXS I love to sail in real life 26 days ago
CraigD These are both things I spend time doing, so its natural to combine them for me. 26 days ago
Pascal I use VR sailing to improve my skills during the working week. Sailing as such is a very beautiful sport to relax the mind. 26 days ago
Cotton Soxx I enjoy both sailing as an outdoor hobby and computers as an indoor hobby. This is the best of both worlds. 27 days ago
Racktor Awaiting the release of our Catalina 250 sailboat from a marina on Long Island, NY. Thought I'd give virtual sailing a try. 27 days ago
lee323 learning the ropes and learning how to steer 27 days ago
Jutzz149 I like sailing about 1 month ago
micmosh I am an avid sailor and also work for FB on the Oculus. about 1 month ago
BobMcB I'm a sailor in lockdown about 1 month ago
Shawn J I want a sail boat but need to learn to sail first. about 1 month ago
Billy Budd Been sailing since I was a wee lad, thought I'd try this out. about 1 month ago
Morotch explored this ocean about 1 month ago
smaguet Because I'm fond of both ! about 1 month ago
Able Seaman Wompus I've loved sailing since I first tried yacht racing 20 odd years ago. Given that I can't afford my own boat, when i found VR Regatta on the oculus store, i had to have it. about 1 month ago
Petty Officer LindaDiva I am coming from a family who sailed a yacht on the lakes and to England and i was at age 14 Dutch female champion Windsurfing. Now living in Germany and not being able to sail anymore i sail in VR with my 80 year old mother like we used to in Holland for relaxing and entertaining especially during COVID time. Also my sister will join us soon. Virtual Reality has been part of my life for years being a designer/builder in Second Life and other VR worlds. about 1 month ago
TuMeNema once upon a time I was invited to sail on a small 8.5m sailboat. ... ever since then, I've been dreaming of navigating the seas and oceans ... about 1 month ago

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