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MarineVerse members

A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Captainbenben Great game 16 days ago
vr-mattie Love both activities :-) 16 days ago
CountZero Fascinated by the sport 16 days ago
Jimmy To learn 17 days ago
Froggers I really liked the look of this experience. Being a previous dinghy/ yacht sailor myself I thought this would be a great way to get back into jt! 18 days ago
nauticalnomad I am developing my own sailing applications and also work with alot of sailing schools and instructors. I am also looking at establishing a VR hub where i am located 19 days ago
Uradhi I want to both learn how to sail and enjoy the feeling of flow and freedom. 19 days ago
HarleyXD I can see the value in sailing Training 20 days ago
janeway421 Both are filled with adventure and exploration. VR empowers education and sailing in the off-season. I love the idea of testing different boats, tactics, etc without detrimental consequences or cold water. 20 days ago
PATRIOTWARRIOR i love boats 20 days ago
mikerawli Sailing is a passion and VR sailing offers the ability to enjoy sailing more frequently 20 days ago
Mingo Love sailing 22 days ago
The G.O.A.T tried vr regatta offshore on phone tried big breezy boat liked it but was basic but helps get by the dark nights 22 days ago
Jimbo Tried it on little brother's Quest, knew I had to have it on mine. So relaxing. 22 days ago
Skipper Steve I am intrigued by the "battle" of man against water. 22 days ago
Futuwwāt Good way to get my sailing fix. 22 days ago
oneinterrobang I like sailing and just got vr 22 days ago
Brian No access to sailing club at the moment and like the idea of learning to sail virtually 23 days ago
RAGIN CAJUN Looks like alot of fun. 23 days ago
AOGCrewdawg I own a couple sailboats and want to enjoy the hobby during the cold months. And maybe even improve my basic sail trim skills. 24 days ago

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