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Imagine_Tables im an IRL sailor and i also had a VR headset about 2 months ago
Harimaoh I am real sailor. I want to sail in my room, too. 2 months ago
Geir V Have an 38 sailboat 2 months ago
Petty Officer Lucky Luke Be outside, do sports on the Water, hear the sound of splashing water on the bow and the wind in the sail. beeing able to sail all the time even at home. 2 months ago
Centuri Played during years with pc game virtual skipper but in 2 d, now enjoying a lot testing same game in 3 d 2 months ago
mark1070 i find sailing to be rewarding. VR is ok 2 months ago
Ahab I belong to a RC Yacht sailing club and am interested in VR 2 months ago
Sunshine Daydream Virtual Skipper was a hoot years ago... I'm not a gamer, but that game was awesome and greatly improved my tactics on the course! 2 months ago
PAV sailing and virtual reality :D VR controls and feel of presents makes it perfect off season sailing :D 2 months ago
Able Seaman Hornblower You can only understand the Hornblower novels if you now about sailing. So I was learning the basics on a how to sail video website und wanted to hire a real boat. But then there was VR Regatta and I could practice online. VR is what I was waiting for since the Comodore C64 came out. 2 months ago
Riley Used to sail with the Sea Scouts in Lelievlets when I was younger, did it about 10 years before I stopped. 3 months ago
Otreblazer I've been sailing for over 30 years, own a venerable (1987) Pearson 28-2, and I'm a retired biological oceanographer. The first time I experienced a virtual sailing environment was at a Cutty Sark booth (inside a platform with a tethered, heavy headset) in a technology conference in the 90's, and I've been interested since then. 3 months ago
JohnDane i accidentally saw this simulator. i have sailboat for leisure my self and i found this simulator very interesting 3 months ago
vr_NRK Love boats and VR, 3 months ago
DullBracelet365 I go to a sailing camp 3 months ago
Dithernet Educational 3 months ago
BadgerPDX Enjoyed sailing on a big lake in school, decades ago. Fun to get some of the experience again in my living room! 3 months ago
Saabi Want to understand sailing better. 3 months ago
alvarosaez316 No Man's Sky got me into VR 3 months ago
Hartstukke Took a sailing class this summer, but our lake has little to no wind, so now hoping to build on these skills through VR! 3 months ago

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