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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Kenno Bloody Covid Lockdown 4 months ago
Skipper TedBarnett I grew up racing Lasers and Snipes. 4 months ago
Able Seaman Cmarolia My dad loves sailing and I thought I would try it out. 4 months ago
Yaston cool 4 months ago
Mate DinkLv To practice sailing during the epidemic. 4 months ago
O'B-1 Ive always been interested in sailing. From windsurfing and sunfish through Hobie cays and my old Hunter 25. The Vr aspect is great fun and a way to pass the cold winyer off season 4 months ago
makerchad I'm fairly new to sailing. I have dreams of buying a boat and cruising. I thought this would be a great place to start. It sounds like there is a great community here! I do IT, programming, curriculum writing, as well as digital and physical design by trade. I suppose that's why I love virtual reality! 4 months ago
Jean Veego Because every day is an adventure! 4 months ago
Realflo 4 months ago
Wayne Disabled, in a wheelchair so VR allows me to do everything. 4 months ago
Mate TurManveru I've been a sailor my whole life (child of two super enthusiastic sailors). Most of my earliest memories involve the water and boating. I make a regatta scoring application called SailCount-Pro (btw). 4 months ago
Paneos Fun and relaxing 4 months ago
Rubashka I have a little Lido 14. I don’t have many chances to take it out. I also have an Oculus Quest. I have been exploring many uses with VR, and this would be a great melding of two thing I like. I also teach middle school student who do not have a life that allows them many chances to travel, and this is a great alternative, maybe even give them the drive to try in real life! 4 months ago
Triplebwi Watch sailing channels on youtube 4 months ago
Dean Never tried it 5 months ago
Bill H I got my headset a couple of weeks ago and I'm really enjoying all of the new experiences. There are no sailing apps that I'm aware of and I'd like to try one out. 5 months ago
king of Egypt i just like it 5 months ago
landen0929 idk 5 months ago
Catchy idk 5 months ago
Grid_Bass P 5 months ago

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