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Kevin Looking for landlubber ways of learning sailing. Also working in the day time for a company making new sailing software: savvy navvy over 1 year ago
Able Seaman ReDorDeD Have a Vive and interested in sailing, but a RL sailing novice. over 1 year ago
Graham Grew up sailing my whole life but seasonality prevented me from sailing year round. over 1 year ago
Ausrys Because im sailing in real life too and i working with 3 d and virtual reality :) over 1 year ago
Gadgetq I have a laser and sunfish. Plan on racing them this year. I need all the practice and help I can get. Being a really brisk winter this may be the best solution for me till the weather gets a little bit warmer. over 1 year ago
Skipper Rapour1 I love being on the ocean and wanted to learn to sail, but haven’t been able to or had the opportunity to learn. over 1 year ago
Better Than Unicorns We are a VR Production Studio and former Outward Bound instructors. Perfect combo!My over 1 year ago
Skipper Atlantia I love sea :) and live in the french riviera. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer Dave-B I enjoy Windsurfing in the real world and love how VR Regatta works so far in VR. Wonderfully relaxing. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer JakDan I fly, drive and now sail in VR. All my games (sims) are now in VR, can't go back to pancake gaming. over 1 year ago
Mate DTraill I am primarily interested in flight simulation though I also drive trucks virtually. Since trying virtual reality I have quit playing on 2D entirely. The immersion is incomparable. I used to play European Ship sim and World ship sim but they do not have virtual reality compatibility. I saw Virtual Regatta when it was free but did not download it because I did not have the hand controllers at the time. Ah well it was well worth 15 bucks. over 1 year ago
Roy winters are long and cold over 1 year ago
PJRoos Gives us a chance to sail year round and with others in different places over 1 year ago
Skipper ChrisH Sailing in VR would make it more interesting as you get the feelng of more control over the boat over 1 year ago
Geoff It's potentially a great training tool for new sailors. It could be a learning step between the whiteboard and a boat. over 1 year ago
Skipper Morgan I've always wanted to sail a pirate ship, so.... over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Adriano I love VR and also sailing. VR allows me to sail when my ordinary life doesn't leave me time for going for the real thing over 1 year ago
Petty Officer PierreSWE Sailing is a relaxing sport as well as technically challenging. Perfect mix for me. over 1 year ago
Cal I'm a game developer and 3d artist. Started sailing sunfish at a summer camp, ended up competing in international tall ships racing. Now I teach sailing at a summer camp. over 1 year ago
Hector Barbossa Ever since I first sailed I have always wanted to do it again, however, I lack the funds to get started. Virtual reality has allowed me to have the same experience, without the cost. over 1 year ago

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