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Able Seaman PaDalton For me sailing is very special to calm down. To be alone with the forces (wind, water, nature) is very powerful. As a Developer and Tech-Enthusiast it is very nice to go sailing even without wind or aspecially during corona time if it is not allowed to go sailing in real life. 5 months ago
Pedro I sold my sailboat after 25 years, and I'm looking to fill the emptiness with VR. This is clearly a First-World problem. 5 months ago
Able Seaman ss1241 Arizona is all beach very little water. I have always been iterested in sailing, but ny military time stood in the way, So this is a way to learn to sail in a dry state. Very fun, but learning alot. 5 months ago
Nelsonri50 Im an avid sailor but am unable to go sailing on my boat as its loackdown in the UK.. :-( 5 months ago
Valery sailing and virtual reality 5 months ago
fox demonista as a boy I did sailing regattas 5 months ago
Awesome i love yachts 5 months ago
Jason Voight Just bought my first sailboat and never learned how to 5 months ago
Wild Willy I started building small pond boats when I was in middle school. Then graduated to RC sailing and still do. Eventually I moved up to sailing full sized boats. I loved the challenge of not being aboard when RC racing, but missed actually being on the water. When I found Virtual Reality sailing, I was immediately hooked. And the rest, as they say, is history. 5 months ago
AdriHax La voile est une long passion et le monde de la réalité virtuelle aussi c'est une passion qui m'intéresse. Sailing is a long passion and the world of virtual reality is also a passion that interests me. 5 months ago
NandoGM Had a little experience sailing when I was a child and have a regret about not continuing with it. 5 months ago
Maks_Luz I am an Optimist sailor Class B. I am on lockdown in Poland. Need to train. 5 months ago
noahrcushman woo 5 months ago
PureHaberdashery I love sailing and I am stuck in my house! 5 months ago
Chantey (USA60913) Avid sailor outside of video games. Looking for the same experience for those months we aren't able to use our boat. 5 months ago
Jrgaming045 5 months ago
Docteur_Draft I love sailing since i was a child 5 months ago
CaptinD I want to sail in real life but don’t have access 5 months ago
alro interested in the tec as a sailor 5 months ago
jsalomon Estoy interesado 5 months ago

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