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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Skipper pat-trick Studying it for my MS. over 2 years ago
Admiral Gam I’ve been sailing small boats since 2015 over 2 years ago
Alan32 Sailing in my home over 2 years ago
Martin Burrows Keeping up with the technology. over 2 years ago
Dale I plan to sail around the world with my wife after retirement. over 2 years ago
skiwshy I can't afford a real ship, so VR sailing is all I got! over 2 years ago
Michael i was windsurfer for manny yers almost 3 years ago
Able Seaman Sycholic Used to race and help Marshal virtual racing that was once broadcasted on ESPN2 from Second Life (about 7 years ago they did some physics changes that made it basically impossible now to do. We even employed most of the WRRS rulebook (with a few exceptions) almost 3 years ago
Argyle Used to sail when I was younger, and loved it. The ability to hop on the water for a few hours in the middle of winter is fantastic! almost 3 years ago
Kevin Looking for landlubber ways of learning sailing. Also working in the day time for a company making new sailing software: savvy navvy almost 3 years ago
Able Seaman ReDorDeD Have a Vive and interested in sailing, but a RL sailing novice. almost 3 years ago
Graham Grew up sailing my whole life but seasonality prevented me from sailing year round. almost 3 years ago
Ausrys Because im sailing in real life too and i working with 3 d and virtual reality :) almost 3 years ago
Gadgetq I have a laser and sunfish. Plan on racing them this year. I need all the practice and help I can get. Being a really brisk winter this may be the best solution for me till the weather gets a little bit warmer. almost 3 years ago
Skipper Rapour1 I love being on the ocean and wanted to learn to sail, but haven’t been able to or had the opportunity to learn. almost 3 years ago
Better Than Unicorns We are a VR Production Studio and former Outward Bound instructors. Perfect combo!My almost 3 years ago
Skipper Atlantia I love sea :) and live in the french riviera. almost 3 years ago
Petty Officer Dave-B I enjoy Windsurfing in the real world and love how VR Regatta works so far in VR. Wonderfully relaxing. almost 3 years ago
Petty Officer JakDan I fly, drive and now sail in VR. All my games (sims) are now in VR, can't go back to pancake gaming. almost 3 years ago
Mate DTraill I am primarily interested in flight simulation though I also drive trucks virtually. Since trying virtual reality I have quit playing on 2D entirely. The immersion is incomparable. I used to play European Ship sim and World ship sim but they do not have virtual reality compatibility. I saw Virtual Regatta when it was free but did not download it because I did not have the hand controllers at the time. Ah well it was well worth 15 bucks. almost 3 years ago

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