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ArtsleedAlways wanted to sail, mostly couldn’t get away during warm months to do it. The VR seems like a good way to get the concepts down.8 days ago
SkogiMy family had a small sailboat (14 ft.) when I was young. We spent weekends sailing on some lakes in Saskatchewan. Would like to get some of that enjoyment again. 11 days ago
Keel007I've sail sloops for a long time 16 days ago
Feeling NautiI have just returned to sailing after a 30 year hiatus. This VR app is getting me ready for the 2021 sailing season. 26 days ago
CelricsI love sailing and in winter I could use this also for English expresions where I know more French marine terms.about 1 month ago
DraculaAime beaucoup le virtuelabout 1 month ago
MartextWant to practice sailing over the winter. Have done it with computer based simulators, but VR is an entirely different, and amazing, experience!about 2 months ago
JimboTried it on little brother's Quest, knew I had to have it on mine. So relaxing.about 2 months ago
DylanWant to start/learn how to sail. Wife surprised me with a vr headset for my birthday/ Christmas so that I can learn the basics during the winter.3 months ago
ConalSaw it on side quest and it looked like fun.3 months ago
fredlefSailed a lot as a kid. 22 years in the navy - but submarines don't sail. Looks like a fun opportunity.4 months ago
bustaheadsMaster Mariner.4 months ago
colintdI was in Coast Guard Auxiliary for 15 years. My lady friend sailed the world for 15 years I had a sail boat for a year4 months ago
DLC70Lifelong Sailor in Keel Boats4 months ago
RetiredMandid it as a teenager and loved it!4 months ago
second_lapLiving on Lake Ontario means you can only sail for half the year. I want to continue practicing all year long!5 months ago