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learn new skills and meet new people
about 2 months ago
Learning, Racing, Entertainment
2 months ago
I sail
2 months ago
I have been sailing my 14 foot Petrel for real for over 30 years and wanted to experience it in VR
2 months ago
seb m
learning how to sail
2 months ago
I like sailing but I can't go every day, and I like vr so it's a win win situation.
3 months ago
I want to learn how to sail. This seems like a good first step.
3 months ago
Was in coast guard and really enjoy the water
4 months ago
I have purchased a sailboat and have no sailing experience. My wife and I plan on documenting our experience learning to sail in VR and attempt to apply what we've learned to real life sailing
4 months ago
Always wanted to try sailing!
5 months ago
Always wanted to sail, mostly couldn’t get away during warm months to do it. The VR seems like a good way to get the concepts down.
5 months ago
My family had a small sailboat (14 ft.) when I was young. We spent weekends sailing on some lakes in Saskatchewan. Would like to get some of that enjoyment again.
5 months ago
I've sail sloops for a long time
5 months ago
Feeling Nauti
I have just returned to sailing after a 30 year hiatus. This VR app is getting me ready for the 2021 sailing season.
6 months ago
I love sailing and in winter I could use this also for English expresions where I know more French marine terms.
6 months ago