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NameWhy MarineVerse?Joined
Captain Ben I love this game. Sailing in VR is just another great way to escape reality for a moment. 1 day ago
Pony007I already own be regatta. And this enables me to race wirelessly on my oculus quest 25 days ago
Phigsy82I love the water10 days ago
MunkyI want to learn to sail but lockdown stops play. This is the next best thing. 12 days ago
TheolegitUsed to sail when I was at school13 days ago
Tomat65I’ve always loved sailing but never got a chance to do much. Bought myself a Quest just before Christmas as a lock down treat and then stumbled on Marine Verse. 13 days ago
Tankman160 It’s fun14 days ago
RustynailLove it16 days ago
Rustywetdogrealistic16 days ago
Shanechilerose I’ve loved being on the water since I was a child,on both powered craft and sailing craft,recently bought a motor cruiser that I haven’t been able to use as yet due to lockdown etc18 days ago
UK_StockAwindsurfing since early sailing and anything about the sea19 days ago
AndynandabI work on a tug will be fun to do in my cabin 19 days ago
Phantum l live on a Small yacht.19 days ago
Seany the Cabin BoyMy girlfriend is a sailor and she's teaching me to sail so I thought it would be good practice since we can't get out on the water right now.20 days ago
HowardCSailor ro Sailor recommendation21 days ago
DermolMy husband got this simulation on his headset and I was fascinated to try it on mine. I enjoy VR for the sense of freedom and space and the opportunity to exercise safely in my own home. I am happy just pootling about and exploring possibilities I very much enjoyed discovering I could go through the side of the boat and go for a walk on the sea!!! I will try not to get in anyone's way as much as I can. 22 days ago
Ship wreck Can’t sail because of lock down so giving this a try 22 days ago
HarishLove sailing but never learned.25 days ago
HippyAliI have no sea legs and can't even stand on a moored boat without getting sea sick in real life! 25 days ago
KevikazeI sail cats26 days ago