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Blue Cat
Fascinated by sailing and to be able to experience it in VR is amazing
about 10 hours ago
I live on the coast, but not been sailing for a few years. I saw Marineverse online. Having gone through the tutorials today I am impressed.
12 days ago
Hugh Scotland
I don't have a boat in real life. Couldn't afford one right now anyway. This lets me try sailing, and learn the basics before going near a real boat.
15 days ago
Keen sailor, keen to see if this helps hone skills when not sailing
about 1 month ago
My husband and I do sailing in r/l and he wants me to be more hands on, so I thought by using this (MarineVerse), I should get more hands on, learn the proper turns and more sure of myself.
about 2 months ago
Grew up in a sailing background
about 2 months ago
Trying VR gaming
about 2 months ago
about 2 months ago
Want to learn. Not really interested in racing but would like to be able to sail for leisure.
2 months ago
Captain Ben
I love this game. Sailing in VR is just another great way to escape reality for a moment.
2 months ago
I already own be regatta. And this enables me to race wirelessly on my oculus quest 2
2 months ago
I love the water
3 months ago
I want to learn to sail but lockdown stops play. This is the next best thing.
3 months ago
Used to sail when I was at school
3 months ago
I’ve always loved sailing but never got a chance to do much. Bought myself a Quest just before Christmas as a lock down treat and then stumbled on Marine Verse.
3 months ago
It’s fun
3 months ago
Love it
3 months ago
3 months ago
I’ve loved being on the water since I was a child,on both powered craft and sailing craft,recently bought a motor cruiser that I haven’t been able to use as yet due to lockdown etc
3 months ago
windsurfing since early sailing and anything about the sea
3 months ago