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Able Seaman Sage I love sailing and gaming, why not combine both. about 3 years ago
Able Seaman Dave132 I grew up sailing and am very interested it what is possible in VR . From what I've seen so far its going to be amazing. about 3 years ago
Matty Gamer Saving up to buy a sailing boat in real life. Thought is would be a fun experience to reach out and sail with more like minded people about 3 years ago
andoofthewoods I love how immersive VR is, it's the way of the future for sure! I've always wanted to go sailing, however, it seems like a big committment. Marine Verse was a great way to try it out :) about 3 years ago
Mmmmpie I've never sailed before, but have my competent crew training booked in. I'm hoping to get a little experience virtually before hand. about 3 years ago
YepJep I live in Colorado where sailing opportunity is limited. about 3 years ago
allgonnabeok My husband about 3 years ago
denniska curious about 3 years ago
Mike W Just learning to sail, I need the practice. about 3 years ago
Jason I'm a racer in MA. I like the immersion of VR. Winter and storm can be virtual sailing days over 3 years ago
Adam the Sailor Been on big sailboats from 6 weeks old (literally). I love VR, and the ability to get out on the water in Australia without spending 300k on a boat. over 3 years ago
-johnny I have been interested in sailing since I learned to sail in college. I believe that a lot can be learned about sailing via virtual reality especially by those not near bodies of water that can be sailed as well as honing one's skills during the winter. There are also many times when one can't get to their boat but can spend time in VR space training. over 3 years ago
Dr.Magic Learning to sail over 3 years ago
Mr Buzzard Have cancer and might not be able to race this season. over 3 years ago
Neil I have sailed all my life and so want to try VR over 3 years ago
SenatorPerry I have a family with small children. My dream of sailing can only live in virtual reality. over 3 years ago
Semo39 I like sailing and want to practice online over 3 years ago
SFC~Sams Well, as I get a little older, and really don't have time right now to maintain a boat, sounds like fun. over 3 years ago
Gry Im generally interested in everything to do with sailing :) over 3 years ago
Dancer Now lost mobility and need to learn something new over 3 years ago

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