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Jutzz149 I like sailing 5 months ago
Bobby I grew up sailing on Lake St. Clair, just outside Detroit. I raced with my father's boat (EQUATION) until i got married and moved away in the early '90s. Being a huge VR guy, and loving sailing as much as I do, this game instantly became my favorite place. 5 months ago
micmosh I am an avid sailor and also work for FB on the Oculus. 5 months ago
BobMcB I'm a sailor in lockdown 5 months ago
Shawn J I want a sail boat but need to learn to sail first. 5 months ago
Billy Budd Been sailing since I was a wee lad, thought I'd try this out. 5 months ago
Morotch explored this ocean 5 months ago
smaguet Because I'm fond of both ! 5 months ago
Able Seaman Wompus I've loved sailing since I first tried yacht racing 20 odd years ago. Given that I can't afford my own boat, when i found VR Regatta on the oculus store, i had to have it. 5 months ago
Petty Officer LindaDiva I am coming from a family who sailed a yacht on the lakes and to England and i was at age 14 Dutch female champion Windsurfing. Now living in Germany and not being able to sail anymore i sail in VR with my 80 year old mother like we used to in Holland for relaxing and entertaining especially during COVID time. Also my sister will join us soon. Virtual Reality has been part of my life for years being a designer/builder in Second Life and other VR worlds. 5 months ago
TuMeNema once upon a time I was invited to sail on a small 8.5m sailboat. ... ever since then, I've been dreaming of navigating the seas and oceans ... 5 months ago
Alex135 I love sailing 5 months ago
SPINNING_AXIS Hi 5 months ago
Blokart62 Been sailing since early childhood and now can't sail because of the coved virus so virtual is the next best thing 5 months ago
PhillySailor I sail all kinds of boats and am a instructor and coach 5 months ago
captcaveman37 I have a precision 15, but don't get to sail as often as I would like. 5 months ago
Doktordeathray I love sailing IRL. 5 months ago
Mate Ben I sail a First 25.7 in the real world 5 months ago
Able Seaman Ingbrush Have sailed for 30+ years now stuck at home, but have a VR setup.... 5 months ago
LoonyGryphon I sail IRL 5 months ago

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