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VR Sailor It's good 11 months ago
EyemMateo I love vr 11 months ago
Mate JadeRao I sailed in my teens and missed it, have been interested in VR for quite some time but only recently could get the hardware 11 months ago
Kevan I have sailed since i was 10. I raced for UC Berkeley in college. Now that i have kids i sold my laser. This is a boat I can afford. 11 months ago
Mate Artful I used to sail mirrors at my local club at the reservoir and only just got into VR after purchasing an Oculus Quest. 11 months ago
Ordinary Seaman duwke Enjoy both.. why not together? 11 months ago
JamesGland I love sailing. Have sailed everything from 53ft down to racing dinghy. I currently have a 15ft day sailor . 11 months ago
SanMan VR is a way to learn and to relax. Sailing and VR are a perfect combination. 11 months ago
H2o2009 I have oculus quest and I think it would be a great app for it. 11 months ago
DrunkChango I love real world sailing; I built my own 16 footer (and have since sold it, and have a "forever" project 19' West Wight Potter) but rarely get the chance to get out on the water at all anymore. Sailing in VR helps scratch that itch, and has actually inspired me to get back to working on my real boat. 11 months ago
Bofh Grew up sailing then moved away from the coast so VR is the next best thing. MarineVerse Cup gives the thrill of the chase racing against other players with the convenience of being able to join in anywhere anytime on a Quest. 11 months ago
Mate Oubaas I love boats. I have been around boats, and using boats since I was a very small child. Later on, I joined the Navy, and spent my entire adult life around various watercraft. Now, in retirement, boat building and boat design are among my hobbies. 11 months ago
vasodys No wind, boat or sea? No problem :) 11 months ago
Navekio done a two week course when in the army (1981) 11 months ago
cookieke sailing is super fun and in vr 2 super things combîd 11 months ago
mrchriz I like to relax in a nice environment. 11 months ago
mikochu It's another hobby I'd like to dip my tows in. 12 months ago
Ordinary Seaman MjStrwy I just want to hang out with friends and chat while racing and exploring. 12 months ago
CannedHeat I sail in my free time and just got my Oculus Quest. So why not combine both :) 12 months ago
Matt I've always been interested in sailing since I was a child and my dad had a power boat. I started in virtual reality by working at a virtual reality center for 10 years doing virtual factories and cars. 12 months ago

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