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robbyengland I don't have a real boat right now over 1 year ago
rimselis IT guy that is into sailing = winter with VR sailing over 1 year ago
MBarngrover I am a VR designed and developer, so I love trying new VR experiences and learning how others create experiences. I love ships and maritime history, so VR experiences that put me on water are a little extra interesting. over 1 year ago
Captain Cod Sailing and VR owner over 1 year ago
Heywood always saild just very little time to over 1 year ago
ParisTaillefer Took ocean sailing in college and loved it. over 1 year ago
dogmj I am a kid but am very interested in technology and boats over 1 year ago
Roberto Could anybody be not? over 1 year ago
Skipper TonkYoSelf I'm here for the bikinis over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Mike When I was a teenager I sailed a bit with my uncle, and that passion for sailing has stayed with me over the years. For various reasons sailing was never something I could invest in, always something higher on the priority list. Now I'm looking at officially taking classes soon, and with the advancements in VR hardware, I thought a sailing simulator would be an excellent way have fun while practicing some basics when I can't make it to the lake. So far I'm loving VR Regatta. over 1 year ago
QuackSalver89 I want to learn more about sailing and how to sail. I hope one day to be able to sail a real boat. over 1 year ago
Undo Theon fun over 1 year ago
Kickforce It allows us to go where we could not in real life. To reach countries and seas undiscovered or nonexistent. All with minimum expense of means and effort, in the wink of an eye. over 1 year ago
Nemisari I've always been interested in sailing, it's just never been in reach financially. VR helps make the dream come true! over 1 year ago
Romeo Fun Relax Sail over 1 year ago
Rob W Looking to buy a real boat to circumnavigate. over 1 year ago
slawek To improve theory skills over 1 year ago
devastatin_dave Interested in all things vr over 1 year ago
vivil Hobby:all kind of boats over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Poiju I've had a long time obsession with the applications of virtual reality, but sailing is a new interest of mine. A friend of mine recommended the Aubrey and Maturin series; I was instantly hooked! over 1 year ago

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