Petty Officer Greyheart

Why MarineVerse?

I am really interested in owning, sailing and eventually diving from my own boat. It's pretty expensive though so until I can afford it I am using virtual reality to live the dream and gain some experience at the same time.

Sailing experience:

I have done a little sailing in real life, all on lakes.

VR Regatta race entries

Recent entries:

Daily race on Jan 6th 2019 - 144.41s

Daily race on Jan 6th 2019 - 245.33s

Daily race on Apr 10th 2018 - 98.03s

Daily race on Apr 7th 2018 - 100.02s

Daily race on Apr 6th 2018 - 97.64s

VR Regatta stats

VR Sailor since: about 2 years

Nautical miles traveled: 156.18

Stars collected: 1844

Boxes collected: 46