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Why MarineVerse?

I've been sailing for over 30 years, own a venerable (1987) Pearson 28-2, and I'm a retired biological oceanographer. The first time I experienced a virtual sailing environment was at a Cutty Sark booth (inside a platform with a tethered, heavy headset) in a technology conference in the 90's, and I've been interested in virtual reality sailing since then.

Sailing experience:

Not around the world, but I have sailed along the California coast, the Eastern Pacific, the Gulf of California, the Florida coast, a few spots in the French Mediterranean, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Long Island Sound. I have a three current ASA certifications.

MarineVerse Cup stats

#1 in New London

#4 in Connecticut

#453 in Americas

#795 in the World.

Sailing inYacht Intro & Waszp Zone 3 & Yacht US & Waszp Pro & Dinghy Zone 3 & Dinghy Pro & Yacht Zone 3 & Dinghy US leagues.