MarineVerse Cup

Daily Race: October 08, 2019

Top 10 on Oct 8th:

# name time pts
1. Bofh 376.97s 7
2. Mike36 390.10s +13.14s 6
3. Garthuk 394.44s +17.47s 5
4. Fr1tt0 396.75s +19.79s 4
5. Greg 400.34s +23.37s 3
6. Aaron Sawyer 407.58s +30.62s 2
7. Artful 429.82s +52.85s 1
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Other attempts:

# name time
1. Bofh 380.21s +3.24s
2. Aaron Sawyer 412.99s +36.02s
3. Greg 551.86s +174.90s
💡 Sailors get up to two attempts in the Daily Race.
The latest race entry is used for the leaderboard.

Race details No handicap ranking Per country

Howdy! Welcome to MarineVerse Cup Race on October 8th of 2019.. Sailing instructions. Racing markers order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3... Racing News: Yesterday's race was won by Garthuk representing United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.. There were 8 other sailors racing... Congratulations Garthuk!.. Good luck and ..Happy sailing!!!

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This race is part of Race Series:

Autumn Race Series 2019

Monthly Race Series: October 2019

Weekly Race Series: Week 40 of 2019

by MarineVerse