Unity Developer

Let's build the world’s largest sailing club

Are you interested in sailing and would like to help us develop the best VR sailing app?

Help us develop MarineVerse Cup ( the #1 sailing app on Quest ) and other VR sailing products.

This could be your dream job!

About this role

As a Unity developer, you will be involved in the iterative, end-to-end process of developing features ( design & prototyping, programming & testing, delivery & deployment ).

Here are just some examples of things that you could work on:
  • Multiplayer racing. Leaderboards, replays, racing rules, bug fixes.
  • AI programming. Help us improve the bots, so that they can offer a fun, challenging gameplay experience for good players.
  • Adding new boats. We are planning to add many new boats to the game, including new boats with unique sailing characteristics.
  • Implementing new training scenarios and tutorials.
  • Adding & optimizing new environments
  • Localization
  • Tools and engine upgrades - Let's upgrade Unity version 🙈 ( so that we can support the latest VR SDKs. )
  • User experience. Bug fixes, accessibility, polish and quality of life improvements.
  • There is more, see here.

Up until recently, the only Unity developer full-time on the project has been MarineVerse director, Greg. One of your first major tasks will be to help Greg further develop MarineVerse Cup multiplayer features. Over time, as you become familiar and comfortable with the MarineVerse Cup codebase, you will have a chance to take over the ownership and day to day responsibility for the codebase.

About you

Here is a deal. Ideally, you love sailing, you are a good software engineer and have 7 years of experience with developing VR apps in Unity for Quest. OK, no one has that many years of experience with Quest - it's an emerging technology! Are you a good dev that likes to learn new things? This might be a role for you!

  • You are interested in sailing.
    • You don't have to be an expert, but at minimum, you have completed a weekend introduction sailing class. Example.
  • Ideally, you know Unity well. At very least, you have done some experiments and side projects.
  • Solid skill in C# ( or other object oriented language ).
  • Ideally, you have experience with VR - or willingness to learn a lot.
  • Ideally, you have experience with multiplayer ( Photon ) - or willingness to learn a lot.
  • You are comfortable with Git version control.
  • You can safely refactor code.
  • You enjoy working in collaborative, iterative way. Agile manifesto and XP values resonate with you.
  • You are motivated, focused, and passionate about building software that is released frequently to users ( at least once a week ).
  • Ideally, you are based in Melbourne, AU. Alternatively, you have a great timezone overlap with Melbourne. Other locations possible for an exceptional candidate.
  • In addition to C# and Unity, we also have a Rails API and React front-end, in case you are interested in the "full stack" experience.


  • Work on an app, that helps people learn about & enjoy sailing.
  • Flexible working arrangements. (4 or 5 days a week possible). Outside of work, if you want, you could be sailing every Wednesday or join a Twilight Sailing in the afternoon.
  • Remote work. ( Or from a co-working space if you prefer )
  • Small team. This is an opportunity to have a huge impact and grow with MarineVerse.

How to apply

Let's talk, say hello at greg(at)marineverse.com ( please include a link to your LinkedIn and/or Github and a short intro why are you interested in this role.)