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Virtual Reality Hardware

Thinking about buying virtual reality gear so that you can experience sailing?

Read on to learn about your options:


This is our recommended choice.

VR Regatta is developed and primarily tested on HTC Vive.

Please make sure your PC meets recommended specification.

BUY HTC Vive on Amazon..

Oculus Rift + Touch

VR Regatta works with Oculus Rift as well.

Oculus Go

Big Breezy Boat is our relaxing sailing app.

Samsung Gear VR

Big Breezy Boat is our relaxing sailing app.

Daydream + Pixel

WARNING: Currently we don't have any sailing apps available on this platform, however this will change in the future.

On a budget?

Interested in buying many devices for your sailing club?

Google Cardboard will offer very basic experience.

We have a number of simple prototypes available for Cardboard, see our sailing apps.