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Nitbuntu Childhood memory of an enjoyable sailing school lesson. Have never sailed since, but have always wanted to. over 1 year ago
NefariousFox I've sailed in real life (small boats Lazer etc...) And VR seems to be a great way to get my feet wet in a region with no water... over 1 year ago
Petty Officer Andrea_Lioce I am a real sailor too over 1 year ago
Catapaicu I always thought I would like to cruise the Mediterranean or Oceans on a yacht with my family. Until I do that in the real world.. at a significant expense, I'd like to give it a try in Virtual Reality. :) over 1 year ago
DoogieW Loved sailing, and the VR makes it feel realistic. over 1 year ago
Gasebah Want to understand mechanics and logic of sailing. over 1 year ago
chrism I recently purchased an O'day 23 but am new to sailing. I have read several getting started books and have purchased some online training. The virtual reality environment seems like a great way to learn more. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer Calum I have always had a modest interest in sailing and particularly Caribbean locations. This game transports me there. It's fantastic. I like being able to just potter about and or race competitively. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer nihil Combining two interests and curiosity. over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Lawson I use to sail Lasers and cruising sailboats, but I haven't for a couple years. With the release of VR, I think this is the perfect time to get back into sailing, virtually. over 1 year ago
Rickster659 I’m a landlocked sailor in Arizona over 1 year ago
scottshuke My fiance's uncle sails and suggested this as a good way for us to learn. Sailing has always seemed neat to me, but I like to sleep and be warm and dry, so VR is perfect. over 1 year ago
auricom sailing and video gaming == my two biggest hobbies over 1 year ago
Petty Officer racsnet its fun over 1 year ago
Tradewinds Like to see how it could be used in teaching over 1 year ago
Able Seaman pat-trick Studying it for my MS. over 1 year ago
Admiral Gam I’ve been sailing small boats since 2015 over 1 year ago
Alan32 Sailing in my home over 1 year ago
Martin Burrows Keeping up with the technology. over 1 year ago
Dale I plan to sail around the world with my wife after retirement. over 1 year ago

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