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azgrog am a sailing enthusiast , have a boat in San Diego, also have a lifelong interest in simulations and this VR program just about gives you the real feeling of being out there. Will also add that can be used to sail/race during this Covid time where things including Harbors are shut down 4 days ago
Savagesail38 I have a sail boat 7 days ago
Cdbeckwith Seems like a great evolution in yacht racing gaming 9 days ago
Dustin I love sailing! Waialua 12 days ago
The Pirate King I love sailing but don’t get to practice very often, I recently got a Quest and it’s the perfect way to get my fix of sailing and racing 24 days ago
Gryffyn Never sailed before 26 days ago
Laffinman Used to have a sailboat like sailing virtual weather is much easier to deal with 27 days ago
DerrekSm Got new PC want to try VR games and sailing seems pretty epic dude 28 days ago
Woosta I'm interested to see how a very physical, dynamic sport can be replicated in virtual reality. 29 days ago
Mate mal37 Sailing Atlanta about 1 month ago
Nommahig Seems fun about 1 month ago
nnicoll80 Fine tune skills even when I can’t be on the water. about 2 months ago
Nebbish I love sailing about 2 months ago
Kona Cal31 Avid sailor cruising and racing Las Vegas about 2 months ago
CrazyJerry I love to sail. I'm on a boat at least once a week from May through October, however Covid-19 has put a damper on our sailing and racing season. I've got to bide my time with you're awesome simulator. about 2 months ago
Maebus00 I sail in real life about 2 months ago
Phillip Looking into the idea of sailing one day with my own boat. about 2 months ago
Shaun Wright Love both! about 2 months ago
ChrisBurch I love sailing, and miss it during covid times! 2 months ago
SkywalkerRed5 Want to learn 2 months ago

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