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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
Barker432 Have an interest in learning how to sail and stumbled across during a vr gameplay search. about 7 hours ago
Logan602041 British weather! 23 days ago
DrMikeReddy Safety Cardiff about 1 month ago
Baiban The freedom and calm of sailing. Saw Marine Verse and was interested by the training aspect. Me and my partner are still learning and wanted a safe way to under stand the technical side of controlling a vessel. Kingston Upon Hull about 1 month ago
FloatingBob Hi, I love being on the water and my son introduced me to VR last year. So due to the current situation with C19 here we are. Our sailing club has just completed our first series on virtual regatta of which 11 players participated, Hopefully we will get more sailers on line as the series continue. 2 months ago
Able Seaman Wompus I've loved sailing since I first tried yacht racing 20 odd years ago. Given that I can't afford my own boat, when i found VR Regatta on the oculus store, i had to have it. 2 months ago
Able Seaman Ingbrush Have sailed for 30+ years now stuck at home, but have a VR setup.... 3 months ago
Nelsonri50 Im an avid sailor but am unable to go sailing on my boat as its loackdown in the UK.. :-( 3 months ago
alro interested in the tec as a sailor 3 months ago
Aimeeamore I’m a pro sailor 3 months ago
Messiah76 love the sea and always wanted my own boat 3 months ago
smartharley Race dinghies for real 3 months ago
Jean Veego Because every day is an adventure! 4 months ago
Wayne Disabled, in a wheelchair so VR allows me to do everything. 4 months ago
Sam Tried sailing in my Teens and loved it. Been a avid gamer for many years and VR has brough back the excitement of gaming. 5 months ago
Cybercypher I own a sailing boat and this give me more experience 5 months ago
Dragon Hi, I’ve always been interested in sailing and VR. 6 months ago
Ahab I belong to a RC Yacht sailing club and am interested in VR 7 months ago
Riftkev I am a landlocked sailor, and see virtual reality sailing as being the closest i’m going to get to doing the real thing! 8 months ago
Able Seaman jonde99 long history of sailing 9 months ago

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