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LABAULE Sailing Home 2 months ago
Petty Officer Jayce Pretty great, i am new to sailing world, I am from ultralight light flight and general aviation, I wanted to discover sail, through VR it already amazing, so now I want learn real sail. 3 months ago
Ileeze I want to learn some basics before learning on the sea. And also relax at home with my VR set 4 months ago
yannick working in vr, used to sail, work with sailors 4 months ago
boujpa Hey 4 months ago
smaguet Because I'm fond of both ! 5 months ago
AdriHax La voile est une long passion et le monde de la réalité virtuelle aussi c'est une passion qui m'intéresse. Sailing is a long passion and the world of virtual reality is also a passion that interests me. 5 months ago
Docteur_Draft I love sailing since i was a child 5 months ago
Pascal Freedom of sailing at home with friends remotely 6 months ago
Centuri Played during years with pc game virtual skipper but in 2 d, now enjoying a lot testing same game in 3 d 9 months ago
Milo CORSIC4 i love sail and vr and i have a jeanneau beniguet and when i was child i love to sail with laser 420 470 hobby cat and other about 1 year ago

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