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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
crispy71 are you kidding? #stayathome !! ;-) 1 day ago
Pirat001 Heavily interested in both: VR and (real) sailing 17 days ago
Ordinary Seaman Hans-332 It seems to be the only VR-Sailing software for a Quest 2. And it should be good to bridge the "dark time" until the "real thing" can hopefully start again... ;-) about 1 month ago
simraysir Interested in sailing and virtual reality :-) 6 months ago
Floriel Not having a large body of water nearby but owning a VR headset 8 months ago
aleksandar Try 8 months ago
Realflo Hamburg 9 months ago
Petty Officer Lucky Luke Be outside, do sports on the Water, hear the sound of splashing water on the bow and the wind in the sail. beeing able to sail all the time even at home. 11 months ago
Petty Officer Hornblower You can only understand the Hornblower novels if you now something about sailing. So I was learning the basics on a how to sail video website und wanted to hire a real boat. But then there was VR Regatta and I could practice online. VR is what I was waiting for since the Comodore C64 came out. 12 months ago
Able Seaman krueger.freddy My sonst David wants to sail. almost 3 years ago

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