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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
Judas I enjoy sailing, and just acquired a quest 2 16 days ago
SailorAdam Work and fun about 1 month ago
Gita Girl Learning to sail and it’s amazing 2 months ago
Weta968 We usually only get to sail during summer and then on the weekend so MarineVerse allows us to enjoy sailing anytime we like! It's also a fantastic learning environment and is doing great things for us 2 months ago
Chris Noonan I Run 3 months ago
Ian L. just for the fun of it !! Perth 3 months ago
Stefan Speed timing etc 3 months ago
Skipper Princess Fuzzy Saw an ad for a VR sailing contest with real money prizes, thought that was worth checking out at least. St Helens 3 months ago
Grunter67 I sail rc yachts and enjoy sim racing online, vr inshore and offshore. 5 months ago
DTB Rastan I've been crewing for a number of years and keen to practice as a skipper in VR. Geelong 6 months ago
Kelpy I only sail RC yachts and I love sailing 6 months ago
FirstPassionSM351 I race keelboats in real life 6 months ago
joshua_wilson149 try something differant 6 months ago
Blokart62 Been sailing since early childhood and now can't sail because of the coved virus so virtual is the next best thing 7 months ago
Zap Covid-19 8 months ago
Chris Sailability I am interested in helping the game be accessible for people with disabilities 8 months ago
Kenno Bloody Covid Lockdown 8 months ago
Dean Never tried it 9 months ago
Hal I love sailing and would like to sail while at home as well :) Canberra about 1 year ago
Petty Officer katsai In my youth I was interested in casual sailing and game fishing. As for VR I used to create simulators professionally almost 2 years ago

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