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NameWhy MarineVerse?Joined
PhatGuyRyLearning from home5 days ago
jskerhutLearning the basics.5 days ago
ArtsleedAlways wanted to sail, mostly couldn’t get away during warm months to do it. The VR seems like a good way to get the concepts down.5 days ago
Phigsy82I love the water6 days ago
Vlad-13Why not :)6 days ago
ChrisSailing in a dingy or small keelboat is one of my hobbies and seems fun in VR. 7 days ago
SkogiMy family had a small sailboat (14 ft.) when I was young. We spent weekends sailing on some lakes in Saskatchewan. Would like to get some of that enjoyment again. 8 days ago
DrGNOLALived in Annapolis and on the lakefront here in New Orleans. Always loved sailing. Relatives in Florida and once supervised University of New Orleans sailing club. 8 days ago
Duncan Because I dream of owning a sailing boat ,and I'm working on it.8 days ago
MunkyI want to learn to sail but lockdown stops play. This is the next best thing. 8 days ago
MarcM9000I sold my small boat and want to learn how to sail a larger one.9 days ago
SigiI started to sail last year after we bought a 31-foot catamaran from 1975. Now in winter time, I just miss sailing. When we got an Oculus Quest 2 to Christmas the combination was clear. 9 days ago
TheolegitUsed to sail when I was at school9 days ago
ShammrogAlways wanted to try it!10 days ago
Captain ScamperI love sailing although I'm I novice.10 days ago
Tomat65I’ve always loved sailing but never got a chance to do much. Bought myself a Quest just before Christmas as a lock down treat and then stumbled on Marine Verse. 10 days ago
Tankman160 It’s fun11 days ago
MikkIt gives me the opportunity to polish my skills in the winter season. 11 days ago
Popeye Competed as a young man in sailing races, mostly smaller types like a Sunfish, Hobie and the mop bucket known as an El Toro🤣 Currently actively looking for a vintage fixer-upper to restore and sail on our Texas lakes... but for now, this keeps me closer to the waters in which my life force flows. 12 days ago
mgladeThe lake froze over12 days ago

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