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Why MarineVerse?

I used to sail dinghy's at my local sailing club, I was also a keen Windsurfer for many years. I then I got married, bought a dog and had a child and it all stopped. VR gives me the the chance to experience it all again without leaving my house.

Sailing experience:

See above, just local reservoir sailing and some coastal places. I also crewed on a 36" Yacht on a couple of occasions.

MarineVerse Cup stats

Sailing in Standard & Dinghy leagues.

MarineVerse Cup race entries

Recent entries:

Race name Time
Standard Daily Race in Sydney: July 19, 2020 439.78s
Daily Race: November 01, 2019 480.87s ( +8.00s )
Daily Race: October 30, 2019 328.07s ( +8.00s )
Daily Race: October 27, 2019 366.15s
3️⃣ Daily Race: October 17, 2019 152.07s