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Why MarineVerse?

I have started crewing in 2007, a few times a year on a Hobie 16 casually. Since 2010, I have not sailed. I was always interested being a skipper, but was afraid of being in charge and capsizing due to my lack of knowledge / training. The game has really increased my understanding of sailing, the sails and the wind.

Sailing experience:

Have sailed as crew on Hobie 16, manning the jib sheet. I've been on larger sailboats before, but only as a passenger with champagne and caviar.

MarineVerse Cup stats

#1 in Ikoyi

#1 in Lagos

#1 in Nigeria.

#1 in Africa

#1011 in the World.

Sailing inDinghy Zone 6 & Dinghy Pro & Waszp Pro & Yacht Pro & Waszp Zone 6 & Yacht Zone 6 leagues.