Why MarineVerse?

In 2004 I was stationed in Pensacola, FL. What made this so great is that I had family there and one of my uncles had two small catamaran sailboats (minicats) and taught me how to sail on the inner coastal waters of the Gulf. I loved every minute of it when I was able to get out there and sail. Now, living in Oklahoma, there aren't too many places where I can, nor do I have the time with two young children & one being special needs, to where I can just get out and go sailing. The realistic features that VR gives in my own home, gives me a chance to set sail and be able to relax without even having to leave the house. And to have a group to be able to share the same similar interests is just awesome!

Sailing experience:

I haven't sailed around the world, but I have sailed in the inner coastal waters of the Gulf in Florida, but it has been a while back, so in a way it is just like I am learning all over again.