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Why MarineVerse?

I grew up sailing on Lake St. Clair, just outside Detroit. I raced with my father's boat (EQUATION) until i got married and moved away in the early '90s. Being a huge VR guy, and loving sailing as much as I do, this game instantly became my favorite place.

Sailing experience:

I raced many years ago - J44s, SC70s, Rolex down in the Carribean. Its been 30 years, though.😆

MarineVerse Cup stats

#513 in United States of America.

#641 in Americas

#1056 in the World.

Sailing inDinghy Pro & Yacht Intro & Dinghy US & Waszp Pro & Waszp Zone 3 & Yacht US & Dinghy Zone 3 & Catamaran Pro & Yacht Zone 3 & Opti Pro & Yacht Pro leagues.