MarineVerse Cup

Dinghy Summer Race Series 2020

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Top 10:

# name score
1. DTB Rastan 79.23
2. Ileeze 70.43
3. Romeo 57.59
4. Kona Cal31 50.45
5. LindaDiva 36.20
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Sailors with some, but not enough races to enter the series:
2 races to qualify: Greg Markolus

15 races to qualify: TuMeNema Max Danza

16 races to qualify: CraigD

17 races to qualify: Pedro

18 races to qualify: Aaron Sawyer Justin mind-storm Realflo jonde99

19 races to qualify: Logan602041 Pony Express

20 races to qualify: CapnMike wilco David Baobab

21 races to qualify: Kowch32 Thostr WASZP Ingbrush yannick NicoD Heywood Woosta mjpbeveridge Bobby Imagine_Tables Spuds

About the series

44 races to date..

34 competing sailors..

Start: 2020-06-20T06:00:00.000Z

End: 2020-09-21T06:00:00.000Z

by MarineVerse