MarineVerse Cup

Standard Monthly Race Series: June 2020

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Top 10:

# name score
1. Kona Cal31 76.09
2. Spuds 65.96
3. LindaDiva 60.33
4. Wild Willy 44.84
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Sailors with some, but not enough races to enter the series:
1 race to qualify: David

3 races to qualify: yannick Pony Express

7 races to qualify: Ileeze

8 races to qualify: DTB Rastan simraysir

10 races to qualify: mjpbeveridge Kurikin100 DrMikeReddy BoatBrain

11 races to qualify: Bobby Hal jonde99

12 races to qualify: CraigD Logan602041 Baiban Riftkev

13 races to qualify: Inniens14 Imagine_Tables Seven Darius Moonhammer Brisketcat Pascal

14 races to qualify: CaptinD La sardine Wookery kencfii Sawo mcombs67 theorganguy Simon Mimic montee Eteocle Conradtheapple Budster JaWhizKid84 Gryffyn Greg Kowch32 Lyonbyte theFlying3.14 Zno CalePro Artful lowbreeder Neva Hermann wilco Flo ToTalXS Markj starship42 Lawdog371 mark1070 Iku Hung MFKEC mylittleweirdfriend

About the series

29 races to date..

62 competing sailors..

Start: 2020-06-01T06:00:00.000Z

End: 2020-06-30T06:00:00.000Z

by MarineVerse