MarineVerse Cup

Dinghy Zone 3 Daily Race in Seattle: June 03, 2023

2Doc66158.36s (+1.19)4
3PapaGeorge163.01s (+5.84)3
4Beetle172.00s (+14.84)2
5Sail'n Surg'n172.64s (+15.47)1

Other attempts
1Sail'n Surg'n 159.73s (+2.56)
2Sail'n Surg'n 163.49s (+6.33)
3Beetle 175.12s (+17.96)
4Beetle 175.62s (+18.45)
5Doc66 187.34s (+30.17)
6Doc66 188.30s (+31.13)
7Folino0223 161.23s (+4.06)
💡 Sailors get up to 3 attempts in the Daily Race Practice. The latest race entry is used for the leaderboard. When a sailor does not finish the Practice, it is counted as a DNF entry.
Ahoy! Welcome to MarineVerse Cup Race in Seattle on June 3rd of 2023.. Sailing instructions. Racing markers order: 1, 2, 3... Racing News: Yesterday's race was won by Retsirof representing United States of America.. There were 4 other sailors racing... Congratulations Retsirof!.. Word of the day: fast.. Good luck and ..Happy sailing!!!

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This race is part of Race Series:

Dinghy Zone 3 Spring Race Series 2023

Dinghy Zone 3 Weekly Race Series: Week 22 of 2023

Dinghy Zone 3 Monthly Race Series: June 2023

League: Dinghy Zone 3

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